Start to Plan in Time for the Warm Season With This DIY Duck Coop

Embarking on a DIY duck coop project over the last 6-8 weeks, the hardworking creators are excited to reveal their masterpieces. The duck run is ingeniously attached to a shed, offering a convenient location for access to fresh water and food, especially when the shed transforms into a she-shed or garden shed in the future. The coop’s dark moody color, graphite by BM, adds a touch of elegance without being overly black. To ensure the safety of the ducklings, the coop is constructed using hardware cloth instead of chicken wire, providing robust protection against potential predators.

Addressing both practicality and aesthetics, pea gravel lines the inside and outside of the coop, contributing to a European feel and preventing mud accumulation. While acknowledging the rising cost of lumber, the creators made strategic use of scrap wood to manage expenses. Plans for a winter roof are in the works to shield the ducks and prevent snow-related issues. A pond, thoughtfully placed in one corner, enhances the ducks’ environment, and a custom-made copper handle facilitates easy water replenishment.

The inclusion of electric and plumbing elements was a meticulous process, ensuring functionality and convenience. Decorative touches, both inside and outside, complement the structure, creating a welcoming and visually appealing space for the ducks. With plans to enhance food options and incorporate playful toys, the DIY duck coop stands as a testament to creativity, resourcefulness, and a commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable home for the ducks.

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