How To Make Your Own Stencil Pillow


If you have some leftover fabric at home from a previous art project then we have a great tip for you. You will need some fabric markers and a stencil to decorate this piece of fabric and then you can create something cute out of it, such as a pillow. But you can also decorate your towels, or the pillow covers you already bought from the deco shop.
So just take the item you want to stencil on, place it on a cardboard and select the text you want to paint on the fabric. As you can see in the picture, for this project the creators used a letter stencil. Just pick out the letters for the quote and draw them on the fabric with a pencil. This is great as you can erase the pencil if you mess something up. After that you will take your fabric marker, paint over on the outline of each letter and fill them with the marker. Just follow the instructions on the package of the marker, as some need to be ironed on afterwards, to fix the paint on the fabric. Lovely project.

DIY: Stencil Text on Fabric via Wit & Whistle

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