Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers With Pink Gradient Petals Exist, They’re Absolutely Stunning

Sunflowers are beautiful and have a very playful look since they tend to be associated with summer and good vibes. But did you know that sunflowers can have various shades?
They can also be pink or strawberry-blonde. You can plant these in your garden right next to the „regular” looking sunflowers and the effect will be stunning. These unique flowers are easy to grow, but keep in mind that they don’t like cold temperatures and windy areas.
They grow beautifully in sunny areas with moist and well-drained soil and can even reach a 6 feet height. Since they grow so tall, they might require some help to stand tall and straight, so you can attach them to long sticks.
You can enjoy these strawberry pink sunflowers within 4 months after planting them, as that’s the time it takes for them to bloom and steal the spotlight.
Also, just think about how great it can be to stumble upon an entirely pink sunflower field while driving or going on a walk. Such a field would make a great background for any photo session.

source: instagram

source: instagram


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