Strawberry Watermelon Paradise Lemonade


Are those dreaded summer heat winking at your vacation days? Don’t know how to prepare for that time of year when you would rather be on the beach than in your home? We’ve got just the thing for you! By following the steps below, you can make your own strawberry watermelon paradise lemonade in a matter of minutes. Here is what you’ll need to have in the kitchen:

• a watermelon (preferably seedless);
• two cups of frozen strawberries;
• eight ounces of lemon juice;
• three quarters of a cup of sugar;
• a couple of cups of ice;
• straws;

Take a knife and cut the watermelon in half. Remove the fruit content from within with a spoon. Pour what you gather in a blender with the sugar, strawberries, lemon and ice. Stop mixing when you get a nice and smooth substance. Empty the blender straight into the halves of watermelon. Decorate with straws, a slice of strawberry and maybe a lemon. Enjoy your creative drink!

source: Yummly

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