Street Artist Transforms Ordinary Public Places Into Funny Installations

Street art takes so many shapes and forms, from art that brings a critique to society, to inspiring pieces and even funny ones.
Australian artist, Michael Pederson, started his project 4 years ago when he first placed a humorous installation in different places. His work is called Miguel Marquez Outside and aims to incorporate everyday street objects into art through funny messages.
The element of surprise is a big part of his project, as he gradually observed that people interact better with his work when it appears in unexpected places. Pederson explored various versions of his street art project over the years and now has an impressive collection of works.
His tiny installations force passersby to look closer, integrate his messages in the larger context, and react with an honest smile. Pederson’s art is sincere, ironic, and questions everyday life and common situations, such as shoes thrown on electrical wires or failures in urban design.

Michael Pederson: Website

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