Stunning Iridescent Clouds Snapped Above Skies Of Siberia’s Belukha Mountain

Nature has some strange ways in which it shows its beauty and most of these moments happen when nobody is looking. Luckily someone managed to capture the unique moment in which a stunning iridescent cloud appeared above the skies of Belukha Mountain in Siberia.
The beautiful picture was snapped by Svetlana Kazina and make a huge buzz among photography lovers. Kazina has been living in the Altai Mountains for 20 years together with her children and took the picture of this rare phenomenon that appeared above the clouds.
She says that she often visits the Belukha Mountain because of its serene feeling and amazing landscapes and feels a deep connection with it. She managed to capture the iridescent sky on a winter morning, standing on the frozen lake Ak-Kem lake and used a polarizing filter to make the texture of the cloud truly stand out.
The rainbow cloud phenomenon happens when a thin cloud that is close to the Sun change their spectral colors.
That’s why the images captured by Kazina look as if they are from another world and transport us into a surreal place.

Kazina explained:

“I captured the iridescent clouds on a frosty winter morning, standing on the frozen Ak-Kem lake. Iridescence is a fairly common phenomenon in our mountains. When photographing these clouds, I used a polarizing filter to make the formations even clearer.”

‘Rainbow clouds are a rare optical phenomenon when thin clouds close to the Sun change to spectral colors. The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace. The wind at this height was so strong that the cloud ‘lace’ changed every second.’


Svetlana likes to watch both the usual and unusual natural phenomena in nature. “I photograph a lot when I’m in the mountains. Therefore, I even created separate albums for the clouds, sun, and moon on my social media accounts. Most notably, oFacebook and VKontakte.”

But you can also follow her on Instagram!


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