Supermarket In Denmark Comes Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding

While the whole Internet is laughing and creating memes about people hoarding toilet paper from supermarkets all over the world, there are a couple of other things particularly hard to buy these days. Masks and respirators and single-use medicinal gloves are among them but let’s not forget an item that’s been significantly more popular than usual as well. Well, yes, of course, it’s hand sanitizer. While people are stocking up on it like crazy, this supermarket in Denmark came up with a genius way to put an end to it with this simple yet brilliant pricing trick.

This guy shared on Twitter about a Danish supermarket’s idea to stop people from hoarding hand sanitizer


source: BoredPanda

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  1. Pissed says:

    Never ever used tgis stuff so didn’t have one to start with…..wanted one for my wife and one to take in my car and in/out of office when dealing with hundreds of people daily. Will just leave the one with my wife as she also interacts with people…..I’m in goo enough healthand strong enough to deal with it if I get it so I’ll just “spread the joy‼️“

    “Thanks” to the assholes that caused this bullshit for people that only want what would normally be a reasonable amount 🖕🏽 When this kills enough people off, I’ll buy a few to have in convenient places….could probably use 4 or five……this is bullshit‼️

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