Sweet As Honey Baby Blanket and Hat Set

Are you looking to make a cute gift for yours or anybody else’s baby? The Honeycomb Granny Square Pattern with Bees will be just the perfect thing. Besides the high level of cuteness, this is a DIY project so you are literally investing yourself in it. The Honeycomb is a simple crochet pattern which features a warm and relaxing color. This has a beneficial effect on the baby in times of need: nap time. A matching hat will all but make the entire outfit look adorable. The little bees crocheted onto the blanket will make it more interesting to the little one. Not to mention it will do good for the baby by keeping the head warm. In the link below you can discover how to exactly make the Honeycomb crochet set. The final result, even though it may not look exactly as shown here, will definitely be to the liking of the baby. Pin It!

This pattern is available HERE…

…and for those who not have time to crochet, here’s a Crocheted Sweet as a Honey Bee Baby Blanket with Hat

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  • Mershon Franssen on said:

    The latest now is do not put your baby to bed with a blanket.A baby that was around 8-9 months old smothered in a blanket recently. It was a keepsake ,not a little light weight blanket.

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