Sweet Potato Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust Recipe


When dealing with the same guests at your regular event or party, you might want to impress them with something a bit different. If you thought something in the lines of a dessert, how about a sweet potato pie with a cinnamon roll crust? This stuff is pretty tasty and it looks quite healthy too. Although it’s a fresh idea for your desserts list, the first impression it might give you is not a colorful one. But the taste complemented with the cinnamon roll crust makes it one of the delicious pieces of dessert you might bake in the kitchen. Perfect for any small event in which you don’t want to embarrass anyone with an intricate dish, even though it’s just dessert. With a total preparation time of little more than an hour, you can have 10 slices of it ready for serving! If you follow the instructions to the word, your friends might confuse it with something bought in the pastry. So, don’t just fantasize about the Bon appetite!

Potato-Pie-with-Cinnamon-Roll-Crust-1 Ingredients/Directions –> tablespoon.com

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