Sweet Smooth Buttercreams


Candies are not something you might first think to make at home, but there are recipes for achieving a tasty result with not plenty. Some powdered sugar, cream cheese and butter will be sufficient for your skillful hands to design into a bowl of delicious candy! Learn how to make about 60 pieces of buttercreams in your own home, depending on how big you want the balls of sweetness to be. You can even vary the flavor used in each. Read the necessary steps and some 3 hours and 40 minutes later you would be richer with a bunch of homemade delicious candies. At 80 calories a piece, these will give you the energy boost you need throughout the day. Share some with your friends in order to give them opportunity to taste homemade sweets made by you!


Sweet Smooth Buttercreams – Ingredients & Directions

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