Swimming Pleasure on a Rainy Day with Telescopic Pool Enclosures

A super cool and easy to operate pool enclosure that will not only take away the maintenance problem, but also adds to the aesthetics. Designed by Inter Pool Cover Team, the telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for your swimming pool that helps keep it in best form even in the worst weather conditions. Offering year-round protection to your pool, this transparent, telescopic enclosure gives you the perfect luxurious swimming experience. In case it begins to pour, all you have to do is just activate the see-through enclosure and resume your swim while enjoying the picturesque view of the surroundings. An Air Fresh system generates active ventilation to the covered area, giving a fresh, pleasant environment. Revealing the pool’s clear water expanse is not very difficult, just slide the segments of the enclosure and see it all. Taking a plunge in a swimming pool was never so pleasurable.-via The Design Blog

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