Message in a Bottle From 1887 Discovered Under Floorboards

The idea of a message in a bottle, tossed into the vast and unpredictable ocean, is a romantic and mysterious notion. The possibility that a note sent out to sea may eventually wash up on a distant shore and be discovered years, even centuries, later is a thrilling thought.

Hat Bottle Stopper

KEEP YOUR UNFINISHED WINE FRESH! When the original cork simply won’t go back into the bottle, wine bottle stoppers come to the rescue: they prolong the noble drink’s life and keep the flavors sealed inside for the next time you open the bottle. Bottle stoppers don’t have to ...

DIY: Memories In A Jar

Give an antique look to a photograph inside a glass jar. You just need to be a black and white photo, fill the jar with oil (preferably olive oil), add some dried flowers or branches and place the photo inside. It will look amazing! Memories in a bottle … Just put a picture inside ...
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