Chainsaw Creations by Iain Chalmers

These amazing chainsaw creations are made by Iain Chalmers. Iain travels all over Scotland and is known throughout the UK and beyond for his carvings of anything ranging from Squirrels to 16ft Wizards and Benches to Custom Carved Signs.

Chainsaw Artist Turns Damaged Tree into Hand Reaching for the Sky

True artists see potential in any piece o material, even the most severed ones. Artist Simon O’Rourke found his inspiration in a tree that was formerly known as the tallest tree in Wales. But once the tree was damaged by a storm and scheduled to be cut down, the Natural Resource ...

Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump into Illusion of Bucket Pouring Water

Chainsaw carving is pretty incredible and the artists who are the members of this type of art community are super talented. Handling a chainsaw is hard in itself, not to mention creating something artistic with its help. This is why chainsaw carving has gained more and more popularity, ...
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