Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump into Illusion of Bucket Pouring Water

Chainsaw carving is pretty incredible and the artists who are the members of this type of art community are super talented. Handling a chainsaw is hard in itself, not to mention creating something artistic with its help. This is why chainsaw carving has gained more and more popularity, since chainsaw artists manage to do something incredible. Just look at instance, at this next breathtaking piece which is a piece of wood that has been turned into a wood bucket that gives the illusion of pouring water. And all of this happened with the help of a chainsaw and the genius of Romanian artist, Gabi Rizea. He first began carving wood in 2014, but his skills have quickly evolved and his work is truly incredible. To learn more about Rizea’s work, the things that inspire him and his latest creations, visit the following link for a short introduction and pictures.



Gabi Rizea: Facebook

16 Responses to “Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump into Illusion of Bucket Pouring Water”

  1. Bright says:

    Good talents

  2. Amanda says:

    Totally awesome

  3. Larry W. Hauger says:

    The carvings are beautiful. Makes me want to throw my tools away.
    Was going to try this a few moons back, However financial problem
    intervened. Keep up this great work.

  4. ELLEN SHIELDS says:

    Your artwork is so amazing!

  5. Andrew Hay says:

    Are the trees dead ? is all the noise and polution really worth it. Looks amazing really does.

  6. Elena Erosh says:


  7. SYLVIA EARLE says:

    Awesome work. my son is a chainsaw carver as well. As he would say use the right saws and gfet a better product. Oh and your talent as well. Love seeing your work we live in New York.

  8. KaTinka says:

    What type of tree is the water bucket pouring sculpture?

  9. Joseline says:

    Hello yes this is amazing, amazing work & an amazing talent but in all honesty this isn’t good for the trees, Homs wasting tress on this is an abomination!!!! please safe the trees!

  10. Pam Crowder says:

    I have a large stump that about 6 to 7 foot tall how much do you charge to do the carving and do you come to Danville Virginia?

  11. Cyn Kelly says:

    Was this tree in the pouring bucket sculpture already damaged? I thought perhaps but others have remarked on cutting a tree down to sculpt. I said artists don’t do that.

  12. Lisa Hopkins says:

    Totally awesome work.

  13. Rosemary Joyce says:

    I would like a catalogue to see what you can do. Also I don’t have money. I would like to see if I could afford you. Thank you.

  14. Lyn Kunder says:

    I’ve seen a lot of chain saw art that are incredible and very beautiful,but this artist tops them all!

  15. Sharon McCracken says:

    Awesome talent.Thank You for sharing

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