Behind the Couch Console Table Plans

This was the first thing I’ve ever really built myself! The plans are easy to follow, and turned out great. Here’s a plan on how to make your very own behind the couch console table. These plans will detail my process and materials I used in making a custom console table ...

Bear Caught Relaxing ‘Just Like A Human’ On A Couch Someone Threw Away

Animals can act more human than people in many cases. This surprising but very cute picture was taken by Mandy Stantic, who visited a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba and found a bar casually chilling on a sofa.

Cat-looking Decorative Pillows

Do you know that sound many people make when they catch a glimpse of a cat lying asleep on the sofa? Cuteness moment at its best! But you have to deal with cleaning after the cat. That’s when it hasn’t already ripped the fabric apart. Improve your décor with this cute set of ...
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