Bear Caught Relaxing ‘Just Like A Human’ On A Couch Someone Threw Away

Animals can act more human than people in many cases. This surprising but very cute picture was taken by Mandy Stantic, who visited a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba and found a bar casually chilling on a sofa.

Bears are not a rare sight at this garbage dump, as they go there to search for food, this was still a surprising position for a bear. It probably went there to scavenge for food and got tired, so the sofa provided the perfect spot for relaxation.
Mandy found the bear sitting there in a very human position, cross-legged, and waiting for the other bears to finish their work.
The funny thing is that the couch was positioned in a way in which there was even an abandoned TV in front of it, so it looked like the bear was watching tv on the garbage dump. Such a funny story and the pictures taken by Mandy are priceless.

Mandy Stantic

You can’t see it in the pictures, but the bear might have been looking at a discarded TV, said Mandy Stantic, who snapped these photos.

Mandy Stantic

Mandy Stantic

“Whenever somebody would come up with fresh garbage, the bears would all just come running, like a herd of bears to whatever vehicle was there so they could go through it first,” she said.

“Just something different to see. You don’t see it that often.”

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