Hunter Finds Lost GoPro Camera Full of Footage Shot by a Curious Bear

Some videographers try to snap the perfect footage their entire lives, and never really manage to capture it. But for this hunter, the perfect video happened by accident, and it might be one of the funniest accidental wildlife films ever made.

Huge black bear spotted relaxing in a pool is one big summer mood

Bears need to relax too, especially after a long and hot summer day. A woman in Virginia spotted a black bear taking a nap in her yard in no other place than her children’s pool. Regina Keller, who is used to home encounters with wild animals took a picture of the sleeping bear ...

Bear Caught Relaxing ‘Just Like A Human’ On A Couch Someone Threw Away

Animals can act more human than people in many cases. This surprising but very cute picture was taken by Mandy Stantic, who visited a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba and found a bar casually chilling on a sofa.

Black Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky. For your family or for a friend  who have a log cabin or a rustic bathroom this bear paper toilet holder can be a perfect gift. Precious looking bear cub hugs the wall while toilet paper is humorously dispensed from his behind. Lifelike details ...
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