Huge black bear spotted relaxing in a pool is one big summer mood

Bears need to relax too, especially after a long and hot summer day. A woman in Virginia spotted a black bear taking a nap in her yard in no other place than her children’s pool.
Regina Keller, who is used to home encounters with wild animals took a picture of the sleeping bear and it quickly became an Internet sensation. Since her home is close by to the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley, Virginia it is often invaded by visitors from the forest, such as squirrels, deer, foxes, and now a black bear.
But according to Keller, this black bear has been in her yard before in 2018 so she instantly recognized it and knew that it posed no danger. She decided to let him rest in the tiny pool and observed the bear from a chair until her grandchildren came visiting and the sound must have scared him off. She was lucky enough to have her camera by her side and managed to capture this unique moment.


“He wandered around the backyard… and went over by the pool and dipped his big paw in the water… and then climbed right in and laid down. He seemed so content and refreshed.”
She said she had retreated to a chair by the door to her home just to observe him. The bear stayed in the pool relaxing and napping for about an hour before he was chased off by the sound of her grandchildren arriving in her driveway with their dogs.
“It was neat to see and neat that I had my camera with me to capture it,” she said for CNN

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