Cat-looking Decorative Pillows


Do you know that sound many people make when they catch a glimpse of a cat lying asleep on the sofa? Cuteness moment at its best! But you have to deal with cleaning after the cat. That’s when it hasn’t already ripped the fabric apart. Improve your décor with this cute set of pillows. Even if they aren’t that lively as a real-life cat, they are fluffier and don’t need constant attention for their claws. Each pillow resembles a cat seen from the back. It has two ears and a fluffy curly tail. Place one at the edge of your sofa and you have instantly spread a feline atmosphere in the room. Try to match the color with the design of your couch. You can have a black, white, or tiger patterned cat pillow. It’s up to you how you best use this to the advantage of your interior design. I found it available here..

3 Responses to “Cat-looking Decorative Pillows”

  1. Carol Scallion says:

    Can these patterns be purchased somewhere? I want one please.

  2. Nanner Stob says:

    I agree with you, I’d like to own a set also. WHERE are they in the US?

  3. b.jonh says:

    So lovely! Could you please tell me where to get these pillows?

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