This Portable Microwave Is Perfect For Camping Or On The Job Site

Makita, a renowned company known for its high-quality power tools and equipment, has developed a game-changing portable microwave that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and workers on job sites.

How To Make Caramel In A Microwave

Having a delicious piece of dessert at your disposal shouldn’t be something fancy or complex to make by yourself in the comfort of your own home. If you’re also a huge caramel fan than the next recipe will definitely become your favorite in no time! Start by pouring half a cup ...

Quick Recipe: 3 Minute Microwave Meringues

Have you ever tried a meringue? They come in different combinations, the most common and wide-spread are lemon meringues, used as topping for deserts. But in fact, meringues are baked sweets that have a hard crust and are soft and fluffy on the inside. So if you want a light desert, ...

3 Ways To Cook Eggs In The Microwave

Ever run out of ideas to use in a breakfast? You need something fast but also nutritious, but nothing really comes to mind? Check out the fridge. If you have eggs and a microwave, your issue is solved. There are actually 3 ways the microwave can help with cooking eggs. As most homes ...

How To Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon

You need a cheap and easy way to clean your overused greasy microwave oven? Then the answer to all your prayers is in a simple lemon. The days of struggle with removing grease and splatter are coming to an end. Grab a lemon and you’ll solve this issue fast.
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