3 Ways To Cook Eggs In The Microwave


Ever run out of ideas to use in a breakfast? You need something fast but also nutritious, but nothing really comes to mind? Check out the fridge. If you have eggs and a microwave, your issue is solved. There are actually 3 ways the microwave can help with cooking eggs. As most homes probably have this appliance in the kitchen, it’s a fast solution for a nutritious breakfast. First, decide on which type of egg you would like to eat: scrambled, sunny side up, or poached. Second, follow the instructions for each of the methods. They are really simple to learn. For the scrambled version you have to spray a bowl with cooking spray before breaking the egg in it and stir between microwaving intervals. The sunny side up requires a preheated plate for 2 min and a cooking time of 45 seconds; it’s important that you grease the plate with butter and also pierce the yolk with the point of a knife because you don’t want it to pop while inside. For a poached egg you will need a bowl half-filled with water. See the full tutorial for even more details and enjoy your breakfast!

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