Realistically Carved Octopus Joins Together Two Pianos To Form One Surreal Sculpture

In the mesmerizing creation titled “The Third Octave,” artist Maskull Lasserre boldly amalgamates the worlds of sculpture and music by ingeniously fusing two pianos into a single, surreal masterpiece. The transformative process involves the meticulous carving of a remarkably ...

You Can Buy A Giant Crocheted Octopus And It’s Totally Adorable!

How would you like to cuddle with a giant octopus? Sounds a bit strange at first, but just wait until you see these adorable crochet giants. They are so big and soft that will inevitably bring a smile to your face and you’re going to need one in your life. This giant octopus even ...

Octopus Coffee Mug Holder

The statue has a realistic appearance, and unique and interesting shape, which adds interest to your home decoration. People with a sense of humor will always like this product on your desk.

Photographer Captures A Rare Octopus With Transparent Head

The ocean hides an infinite universe that most probably will never be discovered in its entirety by mankind. Divers and photographers have long tried to capture the hidden gems of the ocean and came back with amazing shots many times.
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