Spain to Ban Plastic Wrap for Fruits and Veggies

The plastic dump is one of the biggest environmental threats our planet faces, and sometimes extreme decisions need to be taken to end bad practices. Spain is taking an essential step in reducing plastic waste by banning plastic wrap for fruits and vegetables.

Kenyan Materials Engineer Recycles Plastic Into Bricks That Are Stronger Than Concrete

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats the Planet is facing, and recycling it can help reduce the ongoing hoarding of waste. A Kenyan materials engineer has come up with a smart plan to recycle plastic and transform it into durable construction materials.

This Is Why You Should Never Let Go Of A Balloon

Humans are the most wasteful species of this planet, as we tend to accumulate a lot of things in our lifetime, which will end up in the dumpster once something new or exciting comes along the way. We already know that plastic waste is causing big trouble for the environment, but now ...
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