Spain to Ban Plastic Wrap for Fruits and Veggies

The plastic dump is one of the biggest environmental threats our planet faces, and sometimes extreme decisions need to be taken to end bad practices.

Spain is taking an essential step in reducing plastic waste by banning plastic wrap for fruits and vegetables. The new laws will go into effect at the beginning of 2023, as the Ministry of Ecological Transition is still working on the first drafts. As plastic packaging is one of the most widespread plastic waste, the revolution starts by banning the most commonly used items.

In many countries plastic straws and cutleries have also been banned, forcing both restaurants and food delivery services to not offer them for free anymore.
A recent study showed that in Spain, plastic packaging amounts to 1.6 million tonnes of the yearly plastic waste, and not even half of it gets recycled.
Spain is now following in the footsteps of France, as the country will ban plastic waste as well, starting with 2022.
These initiatives are much needed and highly encouraged, and hopefully, such best practices will have a spillover effect on other countries too.


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