7 Unsuspected Uses For Salt That You Should Know

Salt is such a key ingredient when cooking. It can instantly change the taste of the food and depending on the amount of salt it can make it better or worse. But salt can be used for many other things in your household, than just seasoning your food. Table salt has 7 other practical ...

Useful And Handy Uses Of Salt

Salt isn’t just for your food. Yes, many people use it to flavor their dinner, but there are plenty ways that salt can come to help you. Salt comes in very handy for a bunch of reasons:

DIY Rainbow In A Jar

If you are looking for a fun art project which is also cheap, then we will teach you how to color salt with chalk in order to create amazing art pieces. Usually for these kinds of project, artists tend to use sand, but salt will do it too and it is even better as it can be colored ...
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