Cat Twins with Heterochromia Capture the Hearts of Thousands on Instagram

Iriss and Abyss, the mesmerizing Insta-famous cat twins, have taken the Internet by storm with their stunning heterochromatic eyes and charming personalities. Pavel Dyagilev, who resides in the UK, is the proud cat dad of these feline siblings who have become social media sensations. ...

Photographer Accidentally Captures The World’s Happiest and Relaxed Bird

Just wait until you this next picture which embodies happiness and relaxation in the form of a bird. A photographer from Scotland, named Karen Munro happened to be in the right place at the right time and snapped this picture of the most relaxed bird the Internet has ever seen. Munro ...

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For all of you who are on Pinterest we would like to announce that Home Design is on Pinterest. We hope you check us out and maybe even follow us for all your Pinteresting finds. For those of you who don’t know what is Pinterest here is a quick explanation : “Pinterest is
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