Couple Worked 18 Hours a Day to Transform a £37k Van Into a Tulum-Inspired Home on Wheels

Edden Ram, 31, and Nicole Sun, 23, have not only captured the attention of their 116,000-strong social media audience with their nomadic adventures but have now taken their passion for unconventional living to new heights. The dynamic couple, both influencers in their own right—Edden as a travel filmmaker and Nicole as an artist—decided to embark on an ambitious project, transforming a £37,000 van into a luxury mobile home inspired by the architecture of Tulum. Their journey chronicled on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, has now culminated in the van being put on the market with an impressive six-figure price tag.

The conversion process was no small feat for Edden and Nicole, as they dedicated four months of intense labor to turn their vision into reality. With no prior building experience, the couple embraced a steep learning curve, mastering everything from design and woodworking to electrical and plumbing work. A TikTok video shared by the couple showcases the stunning result of their hard work, featuring a van equipped with a pull-out coffee table, lounge, queen-size bed, skylight, kitchen with pop-up counter and induction hob, microwave, pull-out pantry, wardrobe, filtered water tap, and even a bathroom with running water, flushable toilet, shower, marble sink, and mirror.

The van is topped with a 480-watt solar panel deck, creating a sunbathing spot that complements the luxurious interior. Having conquered the challenge of transforming a van into a mobile haven, Edden and Nicole are now setting their sights on an even more ambitious endeavor: building a tiny home village in Mexico. Driven by their Tulum-inspired design and armed with newfound building skills, the couple’s journey continues to captivate and inspire their followers.

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