Amazing Solar Powered Flower Lights

If you want to make your garden colorful, these unique solar lights will bring you the solar garden light decoration solution. Decorate your yard with this solar light set. The set comes with Purple and White lily lights with 7 color changing LEDs.

School’s Solar Panel Savings Give Every Teacher up to $15,000 raises

Arkansas school turns solar power savings into teacher pay A school in Arkansas has given each of its teachers a pay rise of up to $15,000 after installing solar panels. The Batesville School District installed a total of 1,500 solar panels in the last two years.

Man Who Uses Solar Panels to Generate His Own Solar Energy Is Still Being Charged Tax in Canada

Solar energy is among the most accessible alternative energy sources, easy to harness and a great resource for any household. By 2050, studies show that solar power will become the most widespread non-electrical energy source around the world. As long as there is sunlight in the area ...

How to set up a Complete Off the grid living System using Solar and Wind Turbines

How would you like to have your own power system and switch to a completely off-the-grid lifestyle? One of the major advantages of this system would be that you will never have to pay the electricity bills again and also have a power source that you can use all year long. This way ...

Great News: You Can Now Easily Install SolarPod Panels In Only Two Hours!

A new type of SolarPod panels has been developed and recently received UL certification and a Class A fire rating. The SolarPodTM  is the first in succeeding to harness the power of the sun and offer a product through solar panels for US retail and commercial markets, while providing ...
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