How to set up a Complete Off the grid living System using Solar and Wind Turbines

How would you like to have your own power system and switch to a completely off-the-grid lifestyle? One of the major advantages of this system would be that you will never have to pay the electricity bills again and also have a power source that you can use all year long. This way you won’t dependent on the main power grid anymore. There are many ingenious ways to set up your own power system and you can use natural resources afterwards, like wind and solar energy.



The videos from the link below will teach you how to build a power system that uses wind turbines, a solar system and also a hot water system which are all off-the-grid mechanisms. It is also perfect for those who want to start a new life in the countryside, far from the noise of the city and need to build their own power sources. Check out the videos and start planning your project!


Watch the DIY Complete Off the grid living System Setup Video series


4 Responses to “How to set up a Complete Off the grid living System using Solar and Wind Turbines”

  1. Lava says:

    Anyone out there want to try building something like this with me?

  2. gina kennedy says:

    I would love to learn how to install solor panels. and wind powered if you have a catalog PLEASE let me know thanks

  3. Kerri says:

    Unless you put some serious money into a wind turbine and live in where your wind is 30mph for consecutive hours at at time wind turbines are not for you. A misconception on wind wind power generation is the normal wind we have everyday will produce power. You literally have to be in wind that is uncomfortable. All about solar though that’s a given!

  4. Brad Averett says:

    Send it

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