Researchers Find Bioplastic Straws Intact After More than a Year Underground

The recent findings by the 5 Gyres research institute on the durability of bioplastic straws have sparked concerns about the efficacy of so-called biodegradable products in addressing plastic pollution. The institute’s Better Alternatives 3.0 report reveals that while bioplastics ...

This Eccentric $6 Million 1970s Las Vegas Bunker Is Still Looking For a Buyer

Nestled beneath the vibrant city lights of Las Vegas is an unusual real estate offering: a 15,000-square-foot underground bunker frozen in time, both literally and figuratively. Built in 1978, this underground residence is a unique piece of property, listed at a significantly reduced ...

Easy To Build Underground Greenhouse

The underground greenhouse (or pit greenhouse) is mostly buried into the ground because the soil helps keep the temperature constant, somewhere around 16 degrees, when placed at one-meter-deep, even if outside the thermometer shows a temperature below freezing-point.
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