This Eccentric $6 Million 1970s Las Vegas Bunker Is Still Looking For a Buyer

Nestled beneath the vibrant city lights of Las Vegas is an unusual real estate offering: a 15,000-square-foot underground bunker frozen in time, both literally and figuratively. Built in 1978, this underground residence is a unique piece of property, listed at a significantly reduced price of $5.9 million, down from its original $18 million price tag in 2019. The bunker, curated by the Stasis Foundation, is a time capsule decorated in authentic 1970s style, complete with period-specific furniture and décor. Lighting cleverly mimics the changing times of day, and the “outdoor” area even boasts a pool, creating a surreal experience for anyone seeking a trip back in time.

Realtor Stephan LaForge, handling the sale, notes that the price adjustment reflects the range of offers the property has garnered since its initial listing. Despite the unconventional nature of the bunker and its niche market, the seller remains committed to highlighting its distinctive value. LaForge estimates that replicating such an eccentric property could cost up to eight times the current asking price, emphasizing the rarity and exclusivity of this subterranean haven.

The Stasis Foundation, the property’s current owner, acquired it in 2015 for $1.15 million through a bank auction. As a foundation dedicated to cryogenics, the science of freezing humans and organs to advance scientific research, the bunker’s unique ambiance adds an intriguing layer to its history. Over the years, LaForge has hosted tours for potential buyers with diverse visions for the space, ranging from a musician eyeing it as a concert venue to a pinball machine curator exploring it as storage for his collection. The bunker’s potential remains as diverse as the imagination of those intrigued by its retro allure and the unconventional possibilities it presents. Take a tour of the surreal bunker through the selected images below.

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