Tasty Grape Poppers


Next on, we will show you a great and healthy recipe. They are called grape poppers and can be made fast and we assure you that they will disappear even faster, as they are delicious. It will take only half an hour to make them. So follow the instructions given below. First of all you need: fresh grapes, half package of Vanilla CANDIQUIK coating, 1 cup smashed pecan nuts (but you can use any other kind of nuts as well) and toothpicks.
So, if you have all the ingredients, then you can start making these delicious grape poppers. The first step is to wash the grapes and let them dry, than put a toothpick in each of the grapes. For the complete recipe, please visit the Miss CandiQuik blog…

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  1. Kay says:

    Hi. Could you explain what CANDIQUIK is please. I live in the UK. I don’t think it is sold here. Thankyou.

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