Teacher Missed Her Students So She Knit 23 Adorable Dolls to Represent Each of Them

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to spend time apart from their loved ones, and the lockdowns have forced people to reconsider their relationships.
Parents and children have been both affected, and teachers have also felt the negative aspects the pandemic has brought in their relationship with students.

Dutch primary school teacher, Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van de Duin missed her pupils so much that she got very creative and crafty. She decided to spend her spare time knitting 23 dolls, each one representing one of her students.
Miss Ingeborg teaches at a school in Haarlem, the Netherlands and she missed the high-paced school life and hearing the children’s voices on the corridors.
So she searched for a knitted doll project on Pinterest and started working on the 23 dolls, recreating her students in detail and adding all sorts of perks to each doll.
She even personalized the dolls with outfits that would fit the personality of the child they were representing.
After the end of lockdown, Miss Ingeborg managed to give each doll in-person to every child and they instantly fell in love with them.

All images via Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin.

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