Temperature-Sensitive Faucets: A New Generation of Faucets


There is a new generation of faucets on the market and they are as high-tech as their look is. They no longer have those little buttons showing you which way to turn for hot old cold water as they are operated differently. What is amazing about them is the way they change color in accordance with water temperature.
The first faucet we’ll show you is a LED faucet which is made out of chrome and will add extra personality to your bathroom. It is very easy to use and recommended for older people who have trouble seeing the little colored dots on the regular faucets. Available for $32.96 ( List Price $110)


The next one is also a LED faucet, it has a more simple and clean design and the faucet can have different shades, depending on the temperature of the water. Available for 2,392$


The sprinkle faucet it is made out of copper and is very resistant and it can display a wide range of colors. It has a futuristic design and will fit in perfectly into your modern bathroom. Available for $498.


The ripple faucet has a great design, it looks like a sphere and it’s name comes from the fact that when the water will flow into it, it will create ripples and the color will also change with the temperature. Available on site.


This simple looking faucet comes with some extras and it is called the touch faucet. What’s great about it is that a simple touch can be enough for the water to flow out of it at the same time looking quite a lot like the traditional faucets.


The glow faucet also has a n incorporated LED, and can be purchased in different colors, such as red, blue and green, colors which will reflect in the water too. The light adds a very smooth touch to the whole design. Available on site.


The last one is called the waterfall bathroom sink faucet and it is just like the ones above, a faucet which changes color according to the temperature and has a LED. It is very modern and stylish and looks great in almost any kind of bathroom. Available for 100$ (List price $179)


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