Terraces and Hanging Bridges Connect The Zeuhary Cabins in a Mexican Vineyard

Architect María José Gutiérrez introduces Zeuhary, a captivating cluster of wooden cabins nestled within the picturesque Valle de Guadalupe wine region in Ensenada, Mexico. Embracing the natural beauty of the surrounding vineyards, Zeuhary offers an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates architecture with nature. Comprising four individual cabins and a communal space, the design emphasizes connectivity and interaction among guests through a network of terraces and hanging bridges. Gutiérrez’s thoughtful approach involves circular floor plans and innovative transition spaces like spiral staircases and wooden paths, creating dynamic routes that encourage a playful exploration of the surroundings and foster a sense of reconnection with one’s inner child.

Stepping into the Zeuhary cabins reveals well-designed 40 sqm living spaces, each equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area, jacuzzi with deck, and a rooftop featuring a hammock-type net. The inclusion of a suspension bridge connecting each cabin to the common area adds an adventurous touch to the experience. The interiors boast chukum finish on the walls, providing an organic texture while maintaining a cool atmosphere in the summer. The exterior, adorned with recycled pine wood, ensures thermal insulation for energy efficiency in both winter and summer. Gutiérrez showcases her commitment to sustainability by incorporating furniture and décor made from organic materials sourced locally and from different regions of Mexico. Earth tones, gray contrasts, traditional crafts, natural fibers, and indigenous wood and stone contribute to a harmonious aesthetic that pays homage to Mexican craftsmanship. Moreover, in consideration of the region’s limited water supply, Zeuhary prioritizes the reuse of gray water for irrigating the surrounding vineyards, reflecting a conscientious commitment to environmental responsibility.

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