Texans Are Rescuing Cold-Shocked Sea Turtles Stranded on Beaches

Texans are doing the best they can for their wildlife, as the state is facing a cold front and power grid outages. This cold vortex is not only dangerous for humans, but animals too and sea turtles are among the most affected.
They reside in the Gulf of Mexico and since the waters chilled quickly they couldn’t adapt their body temperature in time and were caught off guard. That’s why a lot of sea turtles went into a cold shock and became immobilized, this state posing a serious threat to their lives.

But warm-hearted Texans together with Sea Turtle, Inc. organized an exhaustive action of saving the turtles and help them recover quickly. The organization gathered the washed-up sea turtles from the beaches of South Padre Island and with the help of volunteers transported them to their center. But unfortunately, more and more turtles found themselves in this dangerous situation, and the Sea Turtles, Inc. required additional space to host them.

That’s when South Padre Island Convention Centre and Visitors Bureau offered a helping hand, and their space was filled with 3,500 turtles. The temperature indoors will help the sea turtles preserve their body temperature and survive this terrible period until they warm up and can be set free into the wild safely.


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