The 8 Best Treehouse Hotels In USA


At some point in their life, it has been every child’s dream to play or live in a tree-house. As grown-ups this idea of living in a tree are quickly dismissed as childish or even lunatic thoughts. But some people prove that you can have your very own tree-house in which life is just as comfortable and maybe more cheaply than in a regular house. These examples can’t be followed by everybody. Some are well rooted in their urban livelihoods and changing to a more hippie kind of home is too abrupt. That’s why there are tree-house hotels or inns from which you can rent a wonderful free experience. The options vary a lot; you can have the most modest of comfort and decorations or you can go to the other extent of beautiful interior designs, granite bathrooms and relaxing hot tubs. The choice is yours. Browse through all of the temptations of tree-houses we listed for you and plan your next weekend vacation in one of these places.

1. Temple of the Blue Moon




Temple-of-the-Blue-Moon-3 source

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  1. lacy says:

    I love these cabin$ and houses by there to much money

  2. Alex says:

    Umm… BC isn’t part of the USA! Might want to change the header title. I’d love to stay in these places in my travels for sure.

  3. Gertie says:

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