The Art of Espalier: Growing Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

Espaliers and cordons are not a well-kept secret in the world of landscaping. If you’re an amateur gardener you will find this technique of growing plants in a certain way more than creative. The technique involves using wire supports in order to help fruit trees or other plants expand in a particular manner that suits the design of your yard. Before begining you should know that this type of growing a plant will take time; because of the horizontal planning instead of the vertical one, the rythm is slower. But with patience come beautiful results. Feel free to draw inspiration from the next website where you can find a dozen of different models to work with. From the simple oblique cordons to the palm leaf espalier, you can use the examples set by others so your garden will look amazing.



By training fruit trees and shrubs to grow in controlled shapes, you accomplish two goals: improved appearance and increased productivity. Depending on location and demand, espalier fruit trees can offer privacy, weather protection, and decoration, not to mention an abundant and delicious harvest. Learn how to combat the most common fruit tree diseases and pests, and develop a knowledge of habitat requirements and care to ensure these espalier structures bring the desired results.

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