The Chicken Spaceship Coop

A chicken coop in Idaho is out of this world!

If you have a lot of chickens and there is a need of building a new coop, you can let this futuristic design inspire you. UFO enthusiasts are going to love this spaceship-like coop and there is plenty of space inside for all your chicks. To keep the project on a budget, you can follow in the footsteps of its inventor and use a satellite dish as a base for your construction. You can search for them online, for the original design they used two 10 feet dishes. Once you get your hands on these essential pieces, you can start designing the house and planning its construction. Make sure you think of ways to keep the house insulated, add windows and ventilation, and provide shelter in care of rain and storms. For insulation, it is best to use Styrofoam and use counter-top laminate to build the flooring, as it will be easy to keep it clean this way. For more useful tips and tricks on how to build a UFO-shaped chicken coop, follow the step by step guide from the link.


photo: BackyardChickens

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