The Cocoon Tree Kit

Living in a cocoon must be awesome; all those winter days when you’re feeling cold would feel a lot better in a cocoon. What about that dream of living in a tree-house from when you were little? Well, now you can combine the two! With the Cocoon Tree you will be able to get in touch with nature while lounging in an entirely new fashion. The 3 meter in diameter spherical structure is made out of Aluminum and covered with a resistant waterproof membrane. The designed is thought to mimic a natural hanging position on trees, but also adaptable enough to be placed on the ground. It weighs only 200 kilos when empty and is advised to install it between 3 trees, securing it with the featured ropes and nets. Access to the Cocoon Tree is made via wooden walkways or nets. The inside can be customized to fit every need. Check it out in further detail.

“It is a 3 meters diameter spherical structure in aluminium covered with a resistant waterproof membrane designed to hang up on trees or placed on the ground with its adaptable feet.”

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