The Edge, A Tiny Beach Cottage


Who would have thought that you could find an impressively nice looking house on top of a cliff in Whitsband Bay, with superb views to the ocean and accessible beachfront? The 320 square feet tiny home located in the UK can be the perfect accommodation for anyone who seeks relaxation, awesome panoramas and – most of all – inspiration. From the first step you take inside, you get awe-struck by the living room that can be turned into a half-open space thanks to the large folding doors window. The cooking area is just as big as you need it for making a nice breakfast, a quick lunch or a romantic dinner. The bedroom and bathroom aren’t outside the design concept thought for the building.


The splendid and yet somewhat minimalistic interiors are bound to be of everyone’s liking. A lovely terrace made out of wood allows for romantic and quite memorable meals with your loved ones. You can find bull’s eye windows throughout the house, even in doors, making it a crucial part of the maritime theme. The bright color scheme also adds a bit of wonderfulness to living here. The spectacular views around the tiny home do make up for a tough competition though!




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