The Hunter Log Cabin for only $5,885



Standard Features
16 Rows Logs 4×6 Logs
5/12 Pitch Roof
2″ Tongue and Groove Floor
-Treated or White Pine-
32″ Entrance Door, Wood or 9-Lite Steel
6 Single Pane Single Hung Windows
2 Gable Vents
Loft above Porch
30 Year Shingles or Steel Roof
Stained with Perma-Chink



Sizes & Prices
10 x 14 $5,885
10 x 16 $6,439
10 x 18 $7,031
10 x 20 $7,640
10 x 22 $8,414
10 x 24 $9,107
10 x 26 $9,801
10 x 28 $10,491
10 x 30 $11,213
10 x 32 $11,934
12 x 16 $7,956
12 x 18 $8,782
12 x 20 $9,642
12 x 22 $10,520
12 x 24 $11,364
12 x 26 $12,190
12 x 28 $13,062
12 x 30 $14,084
12 x 32 $14,813

more details here…

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  1. Zach Harris says:

    Need info about the financing.

  2. gary says:

    what does this cabin include

    • RebelJim says:

      Standard Features
      16 Rows Logs 4×6 Logs
      5/12 Pitch Roof
      2″ Tongue and Groove Floor
      -Treated or White Pine-
      32″ Entrance Door, Wood or 9-Lite Steel
      6 Single Pane Single Hung Windows
      2 Gable Vents
      Loft above Porch
      30 Year Shingles or Steel Roof
      Stained with Perma-Chink

  3. Jerry junkins says:

    Think if I didn’t have to build it I’d like one, even at ,67.

  4. Chris Nayor says:

    I’m looking for a place to have built do you all build custom homes about 700 sq ft of living space? What kinda of heating and cooling plus what kind of insulation do you all use?

  5. Sandy says:

    Is building it included ??? If not how much to build?

  6. Tina Richardson says:

    I would like to know if you have land package deals?

  7. Ali Badran says:

    Plz provide us with your co., website.
    Interesting concept.

  8. Huey Brock says:

    I would like more info on this kit my cell phone is 229-402-5173 Thank you.

  9. Lynn says:

    would like to have mnf name please. We are Very intereste

  10. Erich Dauenhauer says:

    Could you send me details please

  11. Patricia Hayes says:

    I plan on moving to farmerville la. Next year do u all. Deliver there and i need a 3 bed room please let me no my adress is 214south main apt apt a chamersburg pa 17201

  12. Ashley Balentine says:

    Will you mail me some information please to 510 gant lane Savannah TN 38372

  13. Ana Madureira says:

    It has been my dream for decades to have a logcabin like this one. Not esay to get one um Southern Europe (Portugal).

  14. Shelby Williams says:

    i like

  15. Hamid Kamara says:

    The Hunter Log Cabin looks awesome (inside and outside)…

  16. Mrs.Michael Monroe says:

    Would love to have a copy of your catalog. Thank you.


    Mrs. Michael Monroe

  17. Lucy says:

    Sounds fantastic to me. I want one.

  18. Carl kennedy says:

    Need more info..

  19. Sidney Lloyd says:

    Like this”!

  20. David Knox says:

    can i have more info

  21. Dan Wood says:

    Would like to see your designs

  22. William Morgan says:

    Please forward your home designs and prices.

  23. Garrett Nielsen says:

    Looks like an option. I’m getting divorced and I’m good with my hands. Wonder if I could put one one a slab in grade for a bachelors cabin for permit lodging.

  24. jahova says:

    kenibeck deba

  25. Martha smith says:

    Prices and pictures

  26. Paul roberts says:

    Very interesred

  27. Adriana Salazar says:

    Call me I need one

  28. Milton says:

    Im very interested in a hunter kit

  29. Charleen Johnson says:

    What does it mean by “the bathroom is separate?”

  30. Hamish says:

    Could I please have a catalogue emailed

  31. Ben Whittenburg says:

    Would like info sent to me at 318south state Norton KS thank you

  32. JohnBrown says:

    Would like to have a catalog. Plus need to know sq ft of the Hunters Cabin

  33. Preston Teel says:

    Can I Please get Noe information on this? Please contact me by email.

  34. Johnny Upchurch says:

    Do you deliver in arkasas?

  35. Kyle says:

    Financing can be provided from any bank if the building is permanently fixed to the ground otherwise it will be considered a mobile home until it’s fixed into a foundation. You can contact any bank and they will be able to provide more information but that’s the basics of it from what my bank told me. I have chase.

  36. arianna says:

    buongiorno mi servirebbe uguale ma di 70 mq mi dite per piacere se è possibile in italia-milano grazie! si puo avere un catalogo?

  37. tim says:

    I need a contact for a florida build

  38. Brian Wagner says:

    Please send me some info or catalog at my email address.

  39. June says:

    Pls. Send me phone#…or website

  40. Tina says:

    What is the footage on this cabin?

  41. M. R. Morris says:

    Please send more I information to me.

  42. Betty Campbell says:

    I really like the looks of the cabin . I would like to down size. Could you send more info to the address I provided . Thank you , e-mail ~~~~ [email protected] this is my valid e-mail address ok ,where do I enter my email address ?

  43. Betty Campbell says:

    Now, can you send e more info about the cabin that you are showing on Facebook ?

  44. Kelly says:

    Will you please email me more information.

  45. Robert Van Steenkist says:

    Hey I need more if n about financing too I live in spokane Valley WA 99037

  46. jeanne fowler says:

    Would love one of these but would need land package deal and someone to build.Can you send more info?

  47. Sheah helton says:

    Email me this info please! Beautiful designs.

  48. Chris c says:

    Can you send more info please

  49. randy says:

    HI I would like more information on the cabins if u can send a catalog please n thanks 2500 eldersville Rd Follansbee WV 26037

  50. naim says:

    I am from Albania.i nead this cabin but i wot to now the price .if you cane bringin Allbania

  51. Mereraiha Roberts says:

    Please provide more information on ur log homes

  52. Timothy Walloch says:

    I would love some more information this looks perfect absolutely perfect please send some more information to my email address please and soon….

  53. Kim vujica says:

    are these in Australia ?

  54. Mary gysin says:

    Please email me and mail a catalog to 3099 snow dr. Deltona fl. Looks like a great retirement home

  55. Wayne says:

    Please send info

  56. dee gearhardt says:

    Hey I’m on disability do y’all take payments on one of the log cabins plz get back with me when u get this msg and do u have a number I can reach u at

  57. Michelle says:

    Do you do this for Australia

  58. Marilyn Fleming says:

    Please send catalog to: 1514 Bell Street, Thibodaux, La.70301

  59. james says:

    i have land need one of your cabins. please call 907 255 1948. thank you

  60. Cecil says:

    Wow, most of these responses can be googled because, the manufacturers name is as clear as day right there in the article.

  61. Tara says: has built cabins that are reasonable. Tell em Tara sent you for a discount.

  62. edwards says:

    informations sur cabin hunter en français S.V.P.

  63. Yvonne Mckinney says:

    Please give more information about financing down payment and placing of home. You are welcome to call me on my business line 386 675 3301 or email me. I am seriously interested. Comparing to a regular manufactured home.

  64. A says:

    Anyone else notice that is not the correct interior photo? The interior shows a side door when all the exteriors show a front door.

  65. Lorraine Reed says:

    Very interested.

  66. Diane says:

    Would like more info also on financing? Thank you

  67. Hoda says:

    How much delivery to Casablanca (MOROCCO )

  68. Sam DeCapio says:

    Please send catalog. Would you like to have a distribution sales center in this area? Can you buy a franchise for this area?

  69. Barbara says:

    Would like more info, styles, purchase.

  70. Toni says:

    Does anyone read? It says in the script that Wayside Log Structures is where you should be sending your questions! This was posted from an article in a magazine!

  71. Kar towing says:

    Could you please email me all info ,,financing plans cost delivery etc etc ,,please ,thankyou in advance

  72. Mark RUSSO says:

    Please call me @ 973-725-3648 for details on this offer

  73. Kimlien says:

    I have a 10,000 sq ft. yard. Can I get one put in my backyard for my daughter

  74. Charles Earp says:

    Please send information on the log home kits

  75. Bonnie Crowe says:

    Could you please send me literature on the larger cabins. l am interested to build this summer. My mailing address is as follows. Bonnie Crowe 229 Machray ave. Apt 16 Winnipeg Manitoba. R2w0z9

  76. Bunnie says:

    why are none of these questions being answered?….I have the same ones.

  77. judy miller says:

    could you mail me information and catalog 5541 bayou black dr. gibson’ la. 70356

  78. Dawn trotter says:

    Please send info on log home kits

  79. chris colburn says:

    Do you deliver to michigan

  80. Shelley Bond says:

    Please send me info on this offer. Thank you.

  81. James McCoy says:

    Send me more info

  82. Chris says:

    If these are so cheap to make… homeless shelters galore. You can write them off and actually feel good about yourself. Too many people trying to make a buck when too many other people can’t even live anywhere.

    I will take 2. Free. Yes, I am serious.

  83. Steven Lingbeck says:

    Cost of transporting Hunter to Minnesota

  84. Wendle says:

    I would really like a catalog so I can buy on I’m interested in the hunters cabin

  85. Christine Hoess says:

    Please send me more details. How much is the transport to Austria and Germany?

  86. Diane Taylor says:

    Would like informstion on cabins

  87. Steph says:

    Interested in purchasing

  88. Sandra Bender says:

    I need prices and pictures of the interior of the largest ones you have available thank you

  89. Kreal says:

    Has anyone with email and catalog requests heard back from this company?

  90. Mo says:

    Have you delivered any to Costa Rica ? If so what would be the total inclusive price

  91. Della Frost says:


  92. Colby Moates says:

    Where are these located, like where can I purchase them at?

  93. Jessica says:

    Please email a catalogue or brochure

  94. Gail says:

    Any different windows? I I definately would not want single pane. What about insulation, I do not see that mentioned.

  95. Sharon scollard says:

    Please send info via email. Thank you in advance.

  96. Kelvin says:

    I can’t seem to find a website for the log cabin kits where do i go to find out more about them

  97. Chris Hickerson says:

    Can they be moved once they are built? Not far, but like drug 500 ft

  98. Javier Terrazas says:

    I live in Covina California
    I need shipping prices

  99. Trey says:

    Send me some information

  100. Porsha Price says:

    Please send me information about the cabin log please to 1460 County Rd 458 Woodland Al. 36280

  101. Becky says:

    Can i get this information please. I need to get 1 or 2 please

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