The Magic Additive Manufacturing Brings to Lighting up Your Home


Just Imagine that you are given the enviable power of being able to design and develop anything you set your mind to, what exactly would you build? While we might not know the average person’s answer to this question, one thing is sure, and that is, your average interior decorator will spend his or her days, bringing to life every weird design ideas they have ever had. And this is in part, what the technology of additive manufacturing and the use of 3D printers brings to you.
The popularity and widespread use of domestic 3D printers in manufacturing house hold items is now been documented on most architectural blogs but somewhere along the line, the 3 dimensional printing of lighting fixtures that server as lamp holders for LED lights has been left behind. So here are some completed projects brought to you by Interior-Deluxe, and are also currently available for sale.

1. The Quinmgx Pendant Light: the pendant light—which was designed by Bathsheba Grossman using additive manufacturing—reminds  one of the captivating effect a dream catcher device produces in the mind’s eye of a child. The lamp’s design is based on the dodecahedron—a shape with twelve symmetrically intertwined sides—as the images below shows. (free international shipping)


The pendant light which comes in different sizes and can be used in different ways to light up living spaces. The small pendants—with dimensions (Height: 5.47″ (13.9 cm) Base: Diameter: 5.12″ (13 cm) X Height: 1.1″ (2.8 cm))—can serve as dodecahedron chandeliers for lighting up common rooms as seen below:


While the larger ones—with dimensions (Height: 8.98″ (22.8 cm) Base: Diameter: 5.12″ (13 cm) X Height: 1.1″ (2.8 cm))—can be used as standalone lamps in living rooms also shown below:



2. The Nightlife 5 Pendant: when looking for lighting fixtures or holders to provide that medieval look to your living spaces, look no further than the llfari Nightlife 5 pendant which is aesthetically designed to enhance the overall design of a room. The Nightlife 5 pendant—which was designed by Coen Munsters—can be seen in all its glory below:


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