The Magic Salt Sock


Ear aches and infections are a terrible thing to experience as a child. You not only have a fever that makes you weak, but you also have to confront the constant pain in your ear. With autumn slowly installing its rainy self into each day of the week, a homemade solution to counter such discomfort is very welcomed. The DIY project is quite simple, as you will only need a sock and some salt. The benefit of such a medical alternative device is proven scientifically, no doubt about it.
The salt retains the heat because of the minerals present in it, so combined with the fever (do not lower it) you can adjust the pain until the organism deals with the infection. But instead of this explanation, you can tell the young patient that the sock is magical; it will work great on their mood. A Salt Sock is basically just a white cotton sock filled with Coarse Sea Salt … and You will need a clean – ALL WHITE sock. Follow the simple instructions and make sure dealing with ear infections in the future is much simpler.

You will need about 1 – 1.5 cups of Coarse Sea Salt.  It has to be coarse or it will seep out of the sock… and it has to be sea salt – regular table salt is not the same. Heat it in a clean skillet, over medium-low heat for about 4-6 minutes – pick it up and shake it around and flip it every minute or so, so it will heat evenly.  Heat until it is very warm, but not burning to the touch.

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1. Take the pan and put it on the stove to medium heat.
2. Put the Coarse Sea Salt into the sock and tie a knot at the end so it doesn’t come out.
3. Place the sock in the pan and heat it. Be careful not to overheat, you don’t want to burn yourself or anybody else. Usually, you won’t need more that 5-6 minutes for that.
4. Place the sock on the ear with problems and you will feel in a few minutes how much good it will make. If you have fever don’t try to push it down, it is the bodies natural process to kill the bacteria.


The minerals from the salt retain the heat and release the pressure from inside the ear. In a few words the salt sock will ease the pain like magic!

The Magic Salt Sock: Natural Relief for Ear Infections – Dr. Dana Clum


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