The Night Oak Tree Door

What other place showcase your personality to any guest than the front door? The custom carved wood doors can be the answer you’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since you decided to keep wood as the main canvas for your home’s personality. See more details about craftsmen of Blue Creek Wood Werks in the link below.

Bill Farmer and Tom Ryan…building your dreams. You dream it and we can build it. “This is a 4×8 arch topped door. Made from maple…interior is tiger maple. All hand carved tree and leaves. This door is built, carved, finished…all inhouse. The only thing on the door that we didn’t handmake are the hinges. While we won’t build an exact door like this, a door built to this level is in the 15-20k range.”



by Blue Creek Wood Werks

2 Responses to “The Night Oak Tree Door”

  1. Connie R Castro says:

    Please give me an estimate on the cost of this beautiful door.

    Thank you,
    Connie Castro

  2. Melody Wells says:

    I love your door and I am in the process of building a home. What are the sizes and the cost? What material is it made of? What is the delivery time? Does it come installation ready or will it need to be fitted to the space?
    I look forward to hearing from you

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