The Woodsman’s Cottage


Finding the right home for you and your family is not a task to be done in a hurry. Searching for that right spot, where you feel cozy and which feels familiar can take some time, but once you’ll find it everything will feel right. This stunning house is a perfect example for a family home as it has everything you can wish for. But what it’s truly remarkable of this house is the fact that it is an eco-friendly construction, in complete harmony with nature.  The house is called The Woodland House and was built in 2001 and appeared on-screen in Channel 4s Grand Designs. The house came to life thanks to a group of volunteers, who used chestnut wood, straw bales and earth plasters to build it. The construction got its name from the surroundings, the amazing woodlands and is an amazing example of sustainable design. You can visit the house all year round, but make sure to check the open dates before visiting and book a tour in advance.









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