The World’s Largest Cup Of Water Mosaic


Sometimes art can be more than a simple pieces looking to please aesthetically. There are many cases in which artists want to send a powerful message through their art and focus on everyday issues. That’s exactly what Canadian artist, Belo managed to do with his art installation of 66,000 recycled paper cups and rainwater. With his installation he wants to captivate people’s attention on an important issues, which is sustainable water usage and how water pollution is affecting our lives. The piece of art created by him is a maze of cups, each of these representing a part of the world and the level of pollution of our waters. For more information about this project and its impact, visit the following link and watch the video presentation.

Fun Facts: 66,000 compostable and biodegradable cups, 15,000 liters of colored rainwater, 1 kg of vegetable dye, more than 100 volunteers, 62 hours of work, placed end to end the 66,000 cups would measure 5.2 km long.

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