The world’s largest Delta 3D printer can print low-cost housing out of mud


We’re pretty sure this isn’t the first time when you read something about 3D printing. But you will be surely impressed by this next 3D printer! With a massive 40 feet in height, the BigDelta printer is designed to be the future in home building. To be more precise, Italian innovator Massimo Moretti, set-up this whole endeavor in order to build eco-friendly homes with very little costs. Located in Massa Lombarda, Italy, the impressive machine combines 3D printing with biomimicry, having as main building material, mud! The simple and natural mud was chosen partly because it doesn’t have a high environmental footprint, and also because of it availability locally. Besides the fact mud has natural insulating benefits, the designers also use clay and plant fibers so the resulting product is reinforced. An open-source software directs the entire building process of the full-size house.








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