The World’s Largest, Mobile, Solar-Powered Generator


From time to time, Nature shows that people are not the masters of the planet and we experience something called a `disaster`. But human beings are determined to make a statement that we are resilient and have a great ability to adapt. When disasters hit, the first thing to become inaccessible is “power”. That’s why an invention like Ecos PowerCube will change how we relate to those situations. The purpose of this device is to provide off-grid areas with the necessary electricity, with the largest model being able to generate 15kw or power. This is achieved through the solar panels installed on it. But the people behind the PowerCube, Ecosphere Technologies, developed this design also for water purification purposes and Wi-Fi base station. As well as individual community use, this device is very suitable for hospitals. Browse through the photos to get a better look at it and be prepared for the next disaster that might hit.


Ecos PowerCube is the world’s largest, mobile, solar-powered generator. It runs on high power photovoltaic panels that extend from its container combined with an easy to set up wind turbine. Energy is stored in onboard batteries.


The electricity generated can be used to power various onboard systems, including communication systems, water treatment systems as well as water distribution systems and much more. These systems are capable of providing Internet connectivity, satellite communications, clean water and some of the most important basic necessities of life. Electricity can also be used to power external systems such as hospitals or schools.


This Self-contained solar PowerCube is developed by Ecosphere Technologies Inc.

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