These 20 Infographics Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home


Decorating is an activity both for professionals and for amateurs. As such, some guidance is necessary and welcomed at the same time. Especially with the DIY community growing more and more with each passing year, you will need free advice on how to arrange things inside your home. These infographics will offer you the required guideline to properly decorating your home, but not bombard you with the type of information a specialist in this field absorbs in years of study. Check out how the end result of a decorating project will look like, whether it’s something about rugs or furniture. Share it with your friends, there’s plenty to go around for everyone who wants to improve the decorating process in their home.

1.Types of Doors



2. The Colors of Hardwood

wood-finishes source:

3. Kinds of Moulding – Choosing Molding for Your Built-in

kinds-of-moulding source:

4. Antique Chair Back Styles

styles_legs-04 source:

5. Antique Leg Styles

styles_legs-03 source:

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